HOLY HOBGOBLINS! Contact with source L.M. in Kyoto!  Source meaning employee of Cathedral!  Who is the only person in Shadow at the Water’s Edge (the only game that takes place in Kyoto) with the initials “L.M.?”  LOGAN! THAT’S WHO! Savannah’s Georgia bull dog assistant!  The man who hung up on Nancy a billion times and asked her for advice on how to date her best friend was a Cathedral spy!! And that’s why he was no longer with Savannah in Ghost of Thornton Hall! Remember he fired her?  Not the other way around?  He left because he was assigned another mission! Why did I never make this connection before????

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A lot of times when I contemplate buying something that’s kind of expensive or just think about how much something costs I think “just imagine how many nancy drew games I could buy with that money” like that is a thought that crosses my mind on a regular basis

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baby: d-d-d-
dad: dada?? are you saying dada? oh you're first word!
baby: dare to play
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she’s everywhere!

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Title: Unknownfatima saying "hot dang"
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
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I’m going to see paramore and fall out boy tonight and I’m as excited as Nancy is excited about koko kringles

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#StepUpALLin crashes into theaters August 8th! Dancers are taking over. Are you #ALLin?

AU where the plot of DED is the plot of Step it Up 5

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I was watching teen jeopardy and there was a clue about Nancy Drew and I started screaming

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Talking to Hotchkiss in TMB like

Talking to Takae like

Playing Fox and Geese like