The bolets strike again

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So I’m in New Orleans.


There are no such things as curses;
only people and their decisions.

          Yvonne Wood
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LIE and the blood of olympus both come out next week and I’ve been so busy that I won’t have any time for either: a tragedy

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*patiently waits for the game where Ned’s caller ID is a picture of knickers so my url will have purpose*


what was your first ever game?

DAN and I cried because I couldn’t do the tea puzzle the first time I played and then a year or so later I couldn’t develop the photos and I probably cried again what a wild ride it was

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Happy Almost-Fall Clue Crew! To Celebrate, I’m rounding up all my autumny recipes in one post. Here we go:

Fall Favorites:

Back-to-School Time Lunches:

Hearty Meals to Warm You Up:

Rich, Chocolatey Goodness:

Happy harvest-season the best time for eating delicious food is NOW! :)

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