*patiently waits for the game where Ned’s caller ID is a picture of knickers so my url will have purpose*


what was your first ever game?

DAN and I cried because I couldn’t do the tea puzzle the first time I played and then a year or so later I couldn’t develop the photos and I probably cried again what a wild ride it was

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Happy Almost-Fall Clue Crew! To Celebrate, I’m rounding up all my autumny recipes in one post. Here we go:

Fall Favorites:

Back-to-School Time Lunches:

Hearty Meals to Warm You Up:

Rich, Chocolatey Goodness:

Happy harvest-season the best time for eating delicious food is NOW! :)

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Yes. This is a thing. A pillowcase thing.

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i’m gonna make a habit out of responding to ‘talk to you later’, ‘see you tomorrow’, etc by looking the person in the eye and saying, in as gravelly and ominous a voice i can muster, ‘if ya last that long’

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my hobbies include trying to think up better passwords for the cathedral archives

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*clara watches in astonishment from the other side of the room as nancy suddenly picks out every single orange from the bowl and stuffs them into her pockets*

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someone should make nancy drew themed tea blends!!

But you have to figure out which tea corresponds to which game by solving a series of obscure and seemingly irrelevant riddles

I just thought I’d let you guys know that I finally took my drivers test on Friday and I took your advice and I drove EXACTLY like nancy in TOT and got my license!!!1!1!1

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